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Manufacture of Brand REMI:
~Blood Bank Refrigerators, Medical refrigerators, Pharmaceutical refrigerators, Laboratory refrigerators, Laboratory chillers, Medical Refrigerators and Freezers.
~-25C Low Temperature Freezers, -40C Low Temperature freezers, -40C Biomedical freezers, -65C Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, -86C Ultra Low Temperature Freezers.
~-45C Blast Freezer, -86C Plasma Blast freezer, -152C Cryo Freezer, -164C Cryo Freezer
~Automatic Ice Flake Maker, Automatic Crescent Ice Cube Maker
~Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets, Acid and Corrosive Liquids Storage Cabinets
~Table-Top High Speed Micro-centrifuge, Table-Top Low Speed Centrifuge
~Fixed and Adjustable volume Micro Pipettes, Temperature Alarm Monitoring System, GSM Auto Dialer System

Manufacture of Brand QR Lab:
~Chemical Storage Cabinets, Low Temperature(BOD) Incubators, Laboratory Dryers, Growth Chamber, Digital Heating Circulation Water Bath,
~Refrigerated Bath Circulators, Orbital Shakers, Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinets, Acid and Corrosive Liquids Storage Cabinets,
~Glass Door Laboratory Freezer, -20C Chest Freezer, Glass Door Laboratory refrigerators, Temperature Alarm Monitoring System
ISO 13485: 2003
MDA Establishment Licence
REMI Trade Marks
Heat Enclosure Calibration
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