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2°C - 8°C Medical Refrigerator (Smart Size) YC-75L


Advanced Cooling System
·Forced-air cooling circulation system ensure temperature uniformity , air-cooled chiller finned evaporator with
unique circulation system design to ensure frost-free cooler environment.
Precise Microcomputer Temperature Control
·Microprocessor-based temperature controller, digital temperature display, temperature resolution is 0.1℃
·Excellent refrigeration layout, 2℃~8℃ inside adjustable
·Optional monitoring module and exclusive software for remote monitoring.
Operating Security
·Alarms: High and low temperature alarms, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm
·Two alarm styles: buzzing, flashing
·Glass door with heating (alternative for solid door).
·Thermostat test point fail safe operation mode;
·optional thermal printer temperature recorder
·Optional USB data download functions
Humanized Design:
·Safety lock design prevents any abnormal door status.
·Big screen display, easy to read.
·Test hole optional.
·LED Lights inside, with control switch.
Universal design
·Wide voltage available: 187V~242V

ISO 13485: 2003
MDA Establishment Licence
REMI Trade Marks
Heat Enclosure Calibration
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